We are very proud of the service we provide to our clients

David Tester

All through life we make important decisions I feel 2 are the most binding. Your first house then your retirement. I have passed through the first house scenario now I am at the retirement stage of my life so how much do I need to sustain my life style and for how long. These are very difficult questions which my wife and I have agonised over until we met Peter from Synergy Wealth Solutions. I feel we have been very lucky to find somebody who could assist us with these very complex decisions. Both my wife and I feel that with Peter’s able assistance we can look forward to a comfortable retirement where we will enjoy our own superannuation and benefit from the aged pension. I have no hesitation in recommending Synergy Wealth Solutions and further would advise that the sooner your receive advice the sooner your money can be working for you.

Ken Overhall

I undertook an overseas posting some years ago and I was not happy with financial advice I was given. I researched and went to Peter Moore who offered me sound advice. If I did not take that advice I would not be where I am today financially.

Unfortunately my wife was involved in a car accident while visiting my Daughter in Scotland; I left work to care for her. This would not have been possible without secure financial position. This position was due with the support of Peter Moore. I would strongly recommend Peter Moore who over the years has diligently provided me with good financial advice and has gained my friendship during this association. It is very comfortable being in his presence. As we know through the GFC sound financial advice is imperative to the family and knowing you is in good hands is a great feeling.

Go and talk with peter Moore then you will understand why I put my family and Financial future in his hands. I have now been retired 8 years, and after setting up my Allocated Pension I am still financially sound.


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